Based On The Lord's Prayer


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Oh gracious Lord our Father, all creation glorifies Your Holy Name. All reverence and honor we give to You as it should be given. Lord we ask that You establish Your Kingdom Here on earth with Jesus as our King.

We ask that You bring order to our chaotic world and drive sin out of our lives by the power of Thy Holy Will. We know that You will see to our every need and teach us the right way to live so we may glorify Your Holy Name.

We beg in reverence of Our Lord for the forgiveness of all of our sins that we may be with You for ever. We will also forgive all outstanding debts owed to us because it is right and just.

Lord we know that we will be tested from time to time and we know that it is through the test that we learn and grow however please do not test us more then we can bare.

Lord, evil should have no place in our lives. We ask You to take it away from us, our family, and our friends. Please bind it up in hell where it belongs.

All these things we ask in Jesus name for Yours is the power, the glory, the honor, and the kingdom and we shall serve Yyou forever and ever.


-Submitted by John on January 25, 2006