Prayer of Entrustment to the Divine Mercy


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O Lord, our God, we place all our Trust in You, because you are mercy itself.


We repent of our sins and turn to You for mercy. We trust You to provide for our every need, according to Your will. Help us to forgive others as You forgive us.


We promise to be merciful by our deeds, words, and prayers. Though we have fears because of human weakness, we rely on Your infinite goodness and mercy.


We entrust to Your mercy our very lives, our present situation and our uncertain future. We entrust to You the future of our planet, our Church, our nations, our families and all our needs.


With loud cries we implore Your mercy on us and the whole world. Look upon us, created in Your image and likeness.


Form us in the Heart of Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit into the living images of mercy. May all come to know the depth of Your Mercy forever.




-Submitted by Biljana (08/02/2005)