Prayer Of Securing Protection From Harm


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We lift our children up to You and ask that You would put a hedge of protection around them. Protect their spirit, body, mind and emotions from any kind of evil or harm.

We pray specifically for protection from accidents, disease, injury, or any other physical, mental or emotional abuse. We pray that they will make their refuge "in the shadow of Your wings" until "these calamities have passed by" (psalm 57:1)

Hide them from any kind of evil influences that would come against them. Keep them safe from any hidden dangers and let no weapon formed against them be able to prosper.

Thank you Lord, for Your many promises of protection. Help them to walk in Your ways and in obedience to Your will so that they never come out from under the umbrella of that protection.

Keep them safe in all they do and wherever they go. In Jesus' name I pray.


-Submitted by Biljana on August 10, 2005